I asked my former clients to share how they feel about the diet. Here’s what they had to say:

She saved my life according to my doctor

I was 146 kgs when I went to her. A female of 5’6” and at age 28 I was already suffering from PCOD, extreme hirsutism and pre-diabetes. My doctor told me that I was set for an early menopause and a very short life unless I change everything.

My neighbour recommended Shikha and I went with little hope.

The I was able to lose 28 kgs in the first three months and came down to 67 kgs in 18 months. But what surprised me was that she was able to reverse the pcod and pre-diabetes.

The acne on my face and back cleared out in 6 months and I started getting menses in 3 months regularly.

I never realised how bad I had it because I was always extremely overweight, but now when I walk, run, play around I realise how difficult it was before.

-Mitali Kharbanda

It was a life changing decision!!

I joined Shikha at a very desperate time. I had been gaining weight due to depression medicines, and had been battling PCOD and thyroid disorders simultaneously. I truly wanted to conceive but after two failed IVFs my doctor had told me to not try till I was better.

I reached out to her in 2019 june and by feb2020 I had lost 20 kgs of weight. I got rid of PCOD, brought my depression and thyroid under control and at the end of 2020 I was finally able to conceive naturally. It was such a relief truly.

I don’t think that I can truly express how my life has changed by her program. I thought I wanted to lose weight when I joined her, but this was a journey of total healing that I never thought possible.

-Ashima Ahluwalia

Saviour for my Skin

I found Shikha’s page on facebook and bought her skin improvement plan on a whim. Having battled adult acne all my life, using strong products had caused me flaky skin, dryness and fine lines. Withing 6-8 weeks my acne was cleared. After the completing of 12 week plan my skin has changed drastically. People have even started complimenting it making me very happy and confident.

–  Gurleen batra

Went in for weight loss, came back with diabetes reversed

I met Shikha when she was interning with my homeopath doctor. My diabetes had become very unmanageable and I started to have problems with uric acid and cholesterol. My weight was out of control and I lived in perpetual fear for my health, all at the age of 41. Today, 1 year later, I’m free of all these problems, my diabetes is remitted and I’ve lost 18 kgs weight. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank her for thoroughly improving my quality of life.

-raina khanna

Munched all day and still lost weight

I’d been naturally a healthy weight all my life, but this started changing when I started working in advertising field. My work timings were hectic and unscheduled. Our work culture was very laid back and regular munching was a norm. My cousin who had been taking diet from Shikha ji recommended her to me. Her diet was nutritious, healthy and yet fun. As I’m unable to carry food from home, she gave me enough options to eat outside meals. I was also given mini meals every 1.5-2 hours so I didn’t feel out of place with all the munching my colleagues did.

Prashant Malik

You can eat desserts on her plan -everyday- and still lose weight

I’m so glad I took diet plan from Shikha ma’am. I’ve tried many diets before but I could never follow for more than 2-4 weeks. I am a complete foodie and had resigned to being overweight for life. When I met her she told me that her diet plans are calorie based and I can have a small serving of dessert everyday.. EVERYDAY!!.. as long as I am willing to follow the diet properly. Even chaat has been incorporated in my diet on a regular basis. Though I only took one cheat day in a week, it never felt like I’m on a diet and my friends were always wondering how I’m losing weight so quickly despite all the munching. I’ve lost 16 kgs in 12 weeks and have renewed my package for another 4 weeks as I’d like to lose another 4 kgs.

-Farheen ahmed