Please read the following carefully. We answer all queries we receive in the page below. It will be considered a biding page of terms and conditions.

How many days after payment would I get my first diet plan?

As soon as you make the payment, you will receive an email with the link to a form. You will be required to go to the link and fill it. Within 1-2 working days of receiving the form your diet plan for the week will be sent to you.

How should I decide the duration for which to buy the package?

In order to get a desired result, most people need to follow the diet for a minimum of 12 weeks and in case the changes you need are extreme, you might need the 24 or 48 week package. 

I wish to lose weight, how shall I decide if I need the regular weight loss plan, the fast track weight loss plan or the keto diet plan?

Our regular weight loss plan is for those whose work and social life requires flexibility in their diet. The weight loss goal here is 1-2 pounds per week but the client has the flexibility of eating. Fast-track diet plan is for those who need a faster result and can commit to the diet strictly for a certain length of time. Keto diet is for those who have tried many diets and workout plans for weight loss and have not had any results. It is a difficult to follow plan that can fix a broken metabolism, however, it requires diligent commitment.

What if I start with keto or fast track and am unable to follow?

My programs are flexible. You enroll in the plan for a set duration and during that if we need to put you on keto or intermittent or try different plans, they are all included.

Can I follow keto diet if I’m a vegetarian?

We customize our keto plans for our vegetarian clients with and provide recipes for Indian tastes too in our plan.

I have a taste for sweets/ italian/ mughlai/ cheese etc. Do I have to give up on all of these?

No, you can eat all of these on our plan, though in moderation. A healthy diet pattern is the one that you can stick to for lifetime. Keeping in lieu with this we ensure that our diet plans are tailored to suit your tastes. Our philosophy is 80% healthy and 20% tatse. In most of your diet charts you will receive at least one meal or snack that you enjoy. Aside from this we recommend you take a day off once a week from your diet.

Why should I choose your diet program?

Our approach is to focus on lifestyle improvement rather than crash dieting. Our diet plans are tailored to your likes, dislikes, needs and dietary restrictions. Also we assist you with all aspects of eating out, eating while travelling or on a holiday.

Will I be able to follow the diet plan?

Yes, the diet plans are simple and practical. Our diet plans are individually tailored to each client according to their choice of cuisine, place of residence, availability of food items, dietary needs and restrictions etc.

I’m paleo/ vegan/ gluten intolerant/ have food related allergies. Can I still follow your diet plan

Our diet plans are tailored to suit your needs, taste, eating habits and dietary restrictions so everyone can follow our plan.

I am diabetic/ hypertensive/ thyroid patient etc. I wish to lose weight. Should I pick the package for weight loss or disease therapy?

It is advisable to avail a package for disease management in such cases, as controlling it becomes an urgent and primary need even if the disease is at the borderline and beginning phase. When you buy the disease management package, you will be asked for other concerns that need to be addressed and weight loss will be given due importance.

I have already bought the package and received the diet chart. However, there are some things that I’d like to get changed in the plan.

You can go to the contact page and contact us directly. We will make sure all your queries are addressed right away.

Can I skip breakfast/ dinner or any one meal to lose weight?

We never endorse skipping of meals. Even after a night of partying, a day of excessive eating or a vacation, we recommend frequent light meals instead of skipping meals as this usually leads to overcompensation and binge eating during a later meal.

Is Crash diet (reducing intake of meals) a must in losing weight?

No. we do not under any circumstances endorse crash diets. While we customise all our diet plans according to your individual eating habits and needs, like disease management/paleo/vegan/allergies etc., we do not entertain requests for crash diets and extreme weight loss.

Am I necessarily required to workout on your plan?

No, we do not require you to follow a set workout plan. However, it is advisable to remain active through the day. If you have a sedentary job, try to get up every 2 hours for a couple of minutes. 20 minutes of brisk walk or a light stretch can also be beneficial for you in such a case.
If, however, you are following a workout plan already or would like us to recommend a schedule, you can let us know and we will make the plan accordingly.

I am not losing weight even after doing exercise and walking daily. Will your diet help?

Weight loss depends on multiple factors, including diet, exercise, body type and hormonal disorders. All these are addressed in your plans as every diet chart is tailored to suit your individual needs.

Why I am unable to lose weight while I am following the same diet plan my friend is following?

The reason is each individual’s body is unique and requires a different diet and nutritional plan. It is not necessary that foods that are best for one person also provide adequate nutrition to the other person as well. The only way to sustain health or cure illness is to get a customized plan for yourself fulfilling your specific needs.

Can I lose weight even though suffering with PCOD, Hyperthyroid, high triglyceride and Obesity?

Yes. You can select the package for disease management and let us know that weight loss is also a concern. The diet will be prepared in such a way as to address all the concerns simultaneously.

What is diet therapy and how it works for diseases?

It is said that a proper diet can be the best medicine for our body. The appropriate menu can heal your body, and on the other hand, wrong food can make it toxic and lead to diseases. In Diet Therapy we give nutrition as per the disease it supports fast recovery. Many diseases like hypertension, thyroid, diabetes, uric acid, insomnia, acne, etc. can be cured with the help of a good healthy diet.

What is the need for my child to have a child right plan?

Eating habits and patterns are created early in life and have their beginnings in childhood. Nutritionally adequate diet will bring desirable growth and development and can prevent obesity, growth failure, dental caries and anaemia. Under our plan we ensure that children get to eat foods that they enjoy in moderation while adhering to healthy eating habits 80% times.

How is the client monitored?

Communication from the client’s side is important to monitor them while on the program to ensure maximum results. If we do not get any response from the clients, we consider them responding well to the diet and continue with next plan as per schedule.

How can I lose weight quickly and effectively?

This varies from person to person. The typical weight loss ranges among 8-12 kg in 3 months.

How much I have to pay for a Diet Plan?

We have mentioned all our plans in the offered services section. You can pick the list as per your requirement.

How soon you reply for a query?

Once you put up a query, please give us 1 or 2 working days time to answer you. In case you wish to start at the earliest, you can connect with me personally on whatsapp or call from the contact page.

Do you accept credit cards / Debit cards?

We do accept credit/debit card, UPI payments, NEFT, bank transfers etc.

All the payment modes that we accept are reflected on our payment page. You can select your preferred mode out of these. 

Why can’t I see 1 month plans?

They have been discontinued due to the fact that almost all people need a minimum of 3 months for results to be visible and most people looking for short term plans are neither serious nor follow the recommendations.

Can I get a refund if I don’t feel like following the plan?

Please understand that no refunds are given in a service industry, whether doctors, dietitians, CAs, or lawyers. We too have a strict no refund policy. All decisions of the management are final and binding in this case.

I made partial payment, can I get the service still?

Under special circumstances and special requests, we sometimes do make considerations where we accept partial payments, with the understanding that the client will pay the balance within 7 working days. The program will only start once the complete payment has been made.

However, if the client refuses to clear their balances, the management retains the right to forfeit the advance and refuse service at any point of time without prior notice.

No refunds will be granted, and invoices will be provided only for the amount that was actually paid. Decisions from the management are final and binding in this.

Can I take a break in between the plan?

If you are travelling or attending a function or even have exams, we will customise the plan accordingly. However, we don’t give any extensions as a rule. A plan is counted as started from the day we send you your first plan, and then is over at the three or six month mark. During this time, we revise the plan as many times as needed, usually weekly but sometimes bi-monthly or sometimes more often based on the typical case. Our package isn’t a set number of charts but three/six month’s consultation so it isn’t extended. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made per case basis.

Can I get a student’s discount?

No, we don’t have any such policy.

After enrolling I changed my mind. Can my mom/dad/friend/sister/relative do it instead of me?

No, tranfer of package is absolutely not allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.