About Shikha Mahajan

Shikha Mahajan is a trusted dietician in Delhi / Nutritionist, Certified Metabolism Specialist, and an Intuitive Eating Counselor, with a private virtual practice.

An alumni of Lady Shri Ram College, she decided to switch her career and move into Nutrition and Health. Starting with her own freelance practice as a best dietician in Delhi, she strives to provide an effortless solution by providing personalized diet customized for individual goals, tastes, preferred cuisine, and dietary restrictions.

With her philosophy of keeping the body healthy and in shape, she intuitively works toward defining, improving, and inspiring philosophy that focuses on optimum health, healthy weight and mental well being.

Looking for Best Dietitian for Weight Loss in India?

Through her role as a nutritionist, wellness expert, and dietitian in Delhi, Shikha Mahajan strives to offer an effortless solution by providing total life solutions for people as well as giving customized dietary plans for the individual. She believes, good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings. By implementing her learning as a Holistic Nutrition with a homeopath doctor; she has incorporated her knowledge in building awareness of the basic nutritional needs for all and establishing herself as a famous nutritionist in India .

Health is of paramount importance and it is well-being and strength and energy that determine your overall health. Nothing looks as good as healthy feels, she says. With her firm belief and understanding that the food choices are powerful and life-affirming, one can without deprivation exercise control and restraint.

Nutritionist & Wellness Specialist for a Healthy Living

Shikha Mahajan, as a multi-faceted dietitian in Delhi, continues to grow professionally and inspire to help people to restructure their lives. With her ability to chalk out practical diet goals, she understands the biggest need of the hour today. As the best dietitian in Delhi, she is best known to build a designated plan that is tailored as per the needs of an individual – their body types and health.

Projects and Experience –

  • Worked as a visiting consultant at a homeopathy clinic.
  • Worked as a head dietician at a weight management center.
  • Holds camps and seminars with schools and MNCs regularly.

Certifications –

  • Diploma in holistic nutrition.
  • Diploma in Ayurvedic and naturopathic therapies.
  • Certificate in child health and nutrition.
  • Certificate in clinical weight loss.

Fast-track Weight Loss

Fast Track weight-loss diet uses a blend of online tools and printed materials to help you drop excess weight. Looking for safe and effective fast track weight loss? Here’s your chance to get on the lose weight fast with Shikha Mahajan.


Detox diets are common, but there is little indication that they banish toxins from your body. But it is best for weight loss. So, Shikha Mahajan makes it sure that you follow the detox diet and reap its 100% benefit without any side-effect.


A keto diet is a low-carb diet, which can assist you burn fat more efficiently. Many people have already encountered its many proven benefits. So don’t end up waiting. Start your keto diet today with Shikha Mahajan.

“ Your detox plan was amazing.. I had great energy all day.. thankfully there was enough food, and not just fruits vegetables and juices.. though I didn‘t expect it to give such great results I saw improvement in my sleep and skin also.. lost 6.5 kgs too. ”


“ Due to balancing work, travel and family I had started to feel sluggish and tired all the time. I had also started to drink a lot due to social and official gatherings. When I got a chance to detox with Shikha mam‘s diet I was worried that it will be difficult to follow. However, I completed 3 week plan without any problems. Shikha mam‘s detox plan was easy to follow and very helpful in removing my bloating. I lost 6 kgs weight and 3.25 inches from waist. ”


“ I‘m an Indian based in Washington for the last 30 years. I‘ve tried many dieticians in my area, but since I prefer eating Indian meals, I‘ve never succeeded at any of these. When I found Shikha through a friend, I was very happy and hopeful. It made a lot of difference that she customised the plan according to my taste, lifestyle and availability of food. I lost 26 pounds in 12 weeks. ”